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How We Work

Our Approach varies depend on the project. We use workflow procedure for each project undertaken, to promote a transparent development process with staffs. Our staffs are dedicated, reliable, innovative and build skills based on their experience.

Our approach ensures a quality of the project by breaking our process down into manageable steps. this methodology allows us to closely follow a project through its entire lifecycle; from point at which we receive the project, through to its completion and maintenance. Each phase of our development, we get client acceptance before moving to the next phase of the project.

Through our strong experience in the outsourcing industry, there are many benefits of outsourcing software / website development to a company highly skilled and low cost work force. Find out why Netkram is your best website maintenance or development outsourcing partner, Contact Us .

We do Fixed price or Hourly rate projects with On-site or off-site, Based on Client's requirements.

Fixed Price

It is best for projects with a well-defined scope.